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Asian Art, Bills, and A Hot But Beautiful Day

Because I had to go pay my electric bill, I made a detour after I paid my bill and went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I took this pic while i was waiting for the tour on Asian art…

I love tours so much more than just walking around. It gives you so much more texture and history behind the art.

asian art

Even the grounds are beautiful…


All you need is…

All You Need

All in all a good, relaxing day.

Wander Indiana

and see crap like this!!!!

He died for you on a cross, now he’s coming after you with a sword!!!

In other news…I have a new piercing…

No, I’m not was the light :p

New York/Boston

I had an awesome time in New York and Boston. This pic was taken with a very good friend of mine Ethan St. Pierre
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Today’s Protest…AMAZING!

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Robin Hood

As I was getting ready for work, I sat at my PC and talked with onr of my favorite LJ’ers, angiewarhol, about “The Justice League”, and it somehow fired a synapse that triggered a memory about my childhood.

I get very few crystal clear glimpses of my past and my transsexuality. Usually, it is just a warm memory that is fuzzy at best. For some reason, tonight, I remembered a theatrical presentation of Robin Hood that my 3rd-grade class (not sure exactly sure of the grade)  was presenting. As one of the merry men of Robin’s troup, I had to wear tights. This made me extremely uncomfortable! How weird to feel that same uncomfortableness all these years later!  I can still taste the anxiety and dread….. I was worried that someone might figure out my hidden desire. Wearing those tights made me feel things I would rather not feel. Looking back, I felt pretty, feminine, and soft when I wore the tights. Those were feelings a young boy in a family of homophobes and bigots shouldn’t feel. Too bad that little boy/girl wasn’t allowed to express who she was…

Its taken her 35 years, and she is still trying to crawl out from under than shame. The difference is, that she has loving, supportive people around her now. 🙂

Thanksgiving Part II

Well, this Thanksgiving was a joy. I spent it all with my best friend in the entire world, Jennifer. She came over and picked me up and we took these pics before we even drove away…

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My trip to the Zoo/White River Gardens

Omg…the flowers at White River Gardens are breathtaking.

Then I went to the Indianapolis Zoo which is right next to the Gardens.

This pic made me think of the Patriot Act and what it has done to the privacy and personal rights.

This little one made me think of what it must be like to be imprisoned in a place that isnt your home.

Thats bull!

So ya, the zoo and the garden were fun….but they would have been better had the kids been with me. I long for them soooo much.

Pride Extravaganza!

My Friend

Lexy from Boston came into Indy on Friday night. I met her out at the airport, then took her back to the apartment. I had to work, so I showed her the apartment, then went to work.

In the morning we went to a nearby cafe called “The Yellow Canary.”

Then we proceeded to prance over to pride. We caught a bit of the parade….

and then jetted over to the actual festival.

Of course no pride would be complete without drag queens…..

I started to pass out flyers with information about the HRC and their sponsorship of non-inclusive hate crimes legislation, all the while they pretend to advocate for us. The response from most people was great!

How straight do I look here? OMFG 🙂

The HRC people gave me that “Oh god!! The Jehovah’s Witnesses are at my door!!” look. Oh fucking well.

I went over to the INTRAA booth for a bit of a visit.

I met Bree there…. omg.. um… she’s cute, and very articulate too.
I also saw the founders of INTRAA, Bryan and Lori Sirtosky.

TG folk around the state owe these two a lot. They have put a lot of time and effort into building INTRAA into what it is today.

Indy Boyz were also at pride. These two pics I got are both from F2M’S AND ARE PRICELESS!

Then Lexy and I went to the mall, then back home. She got ready to go to her High School reunion, then she left 🙁 . She was a lot of fun!

Went to work and worked 12hrs……. then came home.

🙂 Long weekend!

Oldfields-Lilly House & Gardens

Last October 17th was my 36th birthday, and it’s a long story…but that day I was felt very depressed. I had just met supersarah5 and she knew how shitty I was feeling on my birthday…so we went out to Oldfields-Lilly House & Gardens . While I had been to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with Deborah, I hadn’t ever been to the Lilly House. It is on the same acreage, but since it is wooded and the house is secluded, I never saw it. On that day with Sarah, the gardens and the elegant beauty of the landscaping filled my heart and calmed my mind. (While Sarah and I aren’t as close as we were then, I will always cherish that day. Thanks Sarah!)

Sunday morning, I got the itch to go back out to the grounds. Armed with my camera, I walked around….

This was from the back of the house. The top of the garage is like a backyard…

You can see the White River and the canal from there. The view is awesome….


I walked through the gardens…

And the flowers…omg

And of course I ended up touring the house…

(I loved seeing my reflection, for two reasons. One, my shape has really changed. You can see the curves of my hips and thighs. Secondly, I cut a smaller reflection. I�m not anywhere near my goal but it’s nice to see I’m getting close.)

This was the very last image I took…..

If you want to see all my pics I took see them in my gallery. I loved the house so much that I am going to volunteer to work there a couple shifts a week. All in all, the little field trip rejuvenated me and has put me in a better frame of mind.


Sirens! Tornados!!! I need a blankie and a closet …and ill sit in there and suck my thumb. 🙂

lookin all evil

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMY! *sniffle* Im scared!

I keep telling myself a tornado hasnt ever hit Riley Towers. LOL……

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