Thanksgiving Part II

Well, this Thanksgiving was a joy. I spent it all with my best friend in the entire world, Jennifer. She came over and picked me up and we took these pics before we even drove away…

So we jump on the interstate and are headed down the highway… as we are driving we start smelling this odor… Apparently Jennifer’s dog, Mae, was pissed that I took over the front seat and dropped this little present for me….

Then the bitch had the nerve to wink at me!

After a short pit stop to clean up Mae’s little suprise we were back on the road. Here are some images from the road:

We got to Jennifer’s moms and went in and after a bit we ate. It was quite yummy. Afterwards Miss Mae decided to sit on Jennifer, and I say sit, I mean sit….

After much food and convo Jennifer and I left and came back home… before we left we took this pic…that I LOVE.

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