Drag isn’t a Gender Identity, it’s a Performance

When I was a small child, the local morning television children’s shows often had events where they would read children’s stories or sign autographs.

In 2019 when I started writing this post (it’s pretty much sat in my drafts since then), there was a problem with performers reading to children. Well, it was only a problem if they’re drag queens. Now it’s gotten to the point where people are calling parents that take kids to these events “groomers” and that drag is inherently sexual.

What kind of 80’s Footloose fever dream is this?

It’s like saying that musicals are sexual

“because Chicago.” Art is sexual when its content is of a sexual nature. There’s nothing inherent to drag that makes it sexual. It’s just a type of performance art.

Proud Boys think they’re some sort of cultural heroes by attacking Drag Queen Story Hour. But in reality, they’re just the Reverend Shaw Moore (the fanatical pastor who gets dancing banned in the movie “Footloose”).

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