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Drag isn’t a Gender Identity, it’s a Performance

When I was a small child, the local morning television children’s shows often had events where they would read children’s stories or sign autographs.

In 2019 when I started writing this post (it’s pretty much sat in my drafts since then), there was a problem with performers reading to children. Well, it was only a problem if they’re drag queens. Now it’s gotten to the point where people are calling parents that take kids to these events “groomers” and that drag is inherently sexual.

What kind of 80’s Footloose fever dream is this?

It’s like saying that musicals are sexual

“because Chicago.” Art is sexual when its content is of a sexual nature. There’s nothing inherent to drag that makes it sexual. It’s just a type of performance art.

Proud Boys think they’re some sort of cultural heroes by attacking Drag Queen Story Hour. But in reality, they’re just the Reverend Shaw Moore (the fanatical pastor who gets dancing banned in the movie “Footloose”).

Why Reason and Fact Don’t Matter

It’s obvious to me that evangelical right wing Christians don’t care about fact or reason… in fact they don’t care about children either. USA Today recently wrote a story about how gay adoption bans in are being considered in 16 states. No mind that there are 120,000 children in foster care and only 50,000 find permanent homes each year. Never mind that American Academy of Pediatrics, the Child Welfare League of America, and the American Psychiatric Association provide statistical data that shows that gay and lesbian parents are just as fit and parent just as well as their heterosexual counterparts.

Gays and lesbians shouldn’t be parents! Why? Because Jesus said so!

They Fired Me Because I Hate Queers

Two former members of the Indianapolis Star’s editorial board, James Patterson and Lisa Coffey, have claiming the Star discriminated against them based on their religious views. James Patterson said “This is America. We have the right, under the first amendment, to express those views. At a newspaper, which has had a conservative voice for years and years and years, our argument is we should be allowed to express those views without being persecuted.”

Persecuted? Christians in the Sudan have been persecuted for their religious views. I think Mr Patterson needs an education on what persecution is. An opinion writer does have the right to SAY what ever they like but the paper has no legal duty to publish it. Furthermore, the Star has no legal obligation to keep a Christian on staff just because of their religious affiliation.

Mr Patterson went on to say that “The Star not only discriminated against me, but they actually have waged a campaign people with strong Christian beliefs. Both of us were editorial board members and we should have the right.” “We should have the right to express our religious views, especially as opinion writers. That’s what opinions are for right?”

It’s ironic that fundamentalist Christians are running around crying about employment discrimination yet they were the main opponents of Prop 68 (which would have banned employment and housing discrimination).

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Jefferson Vs The Religious Right

Dr Albert Mohler Jr.

“In the case Lawrence V. Texas, the Supreme Court of the United States of America struck down every sodomy law in this country. You see, they found the Constitutional right to sodomy. Does anyone believe that the framers of our Constitution intended for it to be there? By no means. Well if it’s not there, how did the court decision get there? By reading into the Constitution what they wanted to find, which isn’t there, but is constructed there, by expanding the Constitution by re-interpretation. Now, of all people, we ought to be the folks who understand that. Because we as Christians have had to understand there are people who will take the word of God, and say it’s really not about the text. It’s about what’s behind the text. We can take the text and make it say what it doesn’t mean. We have seen that pattern. And God’s people have had to learn to discern and say, no, the text is the inerrant and infallible word of God. It is what God said it is, and what God revealed it to be. And that’s what must constrain our interpretations. God bless you for believing that and affirming that.”

Thomas Jefferson:

“I never will, by any word or act, bow to the shrine of intolerance or admit a right of inquiry into the religious opinions of others.” –Thomas Jefferson to Edward Dowse, 1803. ME 10:378

“Whenever… preachers, instead of a lesson in religion, put [their congregation] off with a discourse on the Copernican system, on chemical affinities, on the construction of government, or the characters or conduct of those administering it, it is a breach of contract, depriving their audience of the kind of service for which they are salaried, and giving them, instead of it, what they did not want, or, if wanted, would rather seek from better sources in that particular art of science.” –Thomas Jefferson to P. H. Wendover, 1815. ME 14:281

“I am really mortified to be told that, in the United States of America, a fact like this [i.e., the purchase of an apparent geological or astronomical work] can become a subject of inquiry, and of criminal inquiry too, as an offense against religion; that a question about the sale of a book can be carried before the civil magistrate. Is this then our freedom of religion? and are we to have a censor whose imprimatur shall say what books may be sold, and what we may buy? And who is thus to dogmatize religious opinions for our citizens? Whose foot is to be the measure to which ours are all to be cut or stretched? Is a priest to be our inquisitor, or shall a layman, simple as ourselves, set up his reason as the rule for what we are to read, and what we must believe? It is an insult to our citizens to question whether they are rational beings or not, and blasphemy against religion to suppose it cannot stand the test of truth and reason. If [this] book be false in its facts, disprove them; if false in its reasoning, refute it. But, for God’s sake, let us freely hear both sides, if we choose.” –Thomas Jefferson to N. G. Dufief, 1814. ME 14:127

“History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.” –Thomas Jefferson to Alexander von Humboldt, 1813. ME 14:21

“In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.” –Thomas Jefferson to Horatio G. Spafford, 1814. ME 14:119

I’m wondering when Jefferson’s writings will go to the Ministry of Truth… I remember reading 1984 but now I’m living it.

For The Love of Christ

It was brought to my attention yesterday that a few members of the GLBT community had emailed the fifth district city council member Ginny Cain, concerning Prop 68 (the Indianapolis Human Rights ordinance). She said:

“I will always discriminate against unhealthy addictive behaviors.”
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Welcome to Jesusland

As a child, I used to be afraid that one day soon Armageddon would come and destroy my world. In those days I feared the rapture, yet now I welcome it.

“I’m a radical! I’m a real extremist. I don’t want to impeach judges. I want to impale them!” – Mark Schwartz, Republican Senator Tom Coburn’s chief of staff.

This extremist tone permeates the Congress and the White House.

“Our next step, whatever it is, must be more than rhetoric.” – House Majority Leader Tom DeLay

Today’s theocratic mindset is exposed bare and naked by reading Virginia Republican and writer, James Atticus Bowden. He writes that:

“Today, America is engaged in another Civil War, a long Culture War, to determine the consensus culture, the world view, and purpose of our Nation. Judeo-Christian or Pagan Human Secularism. The issues; Ten Commandments, public prayer, partial birth abortion, homosexual marriage, euthanasia, etc., are stalking horses for the intolerance of Tolerance and Multi-Culturalism. These Liberal Puritans are culturally cleansing Judeo-Christian America. Their judges are today’s tyrants. The Liberal Human Secularist Totalitarians are hand maidens of Islamist Totalitarians seeking to destroy Judeo-Christian America.”

“The Confederate battle flag is a racist symbol only to racists, demagogues (liberals, thus Democrats), and dummies. To Southerners, Confederate symbols stand for courage, sacrifice, and fidelity.”

“Tolerate homosexuals — they’re your kin — but don’t honor them.”

“We don’t give a damn what foreigners think of us. And, frankly, my dear, we don’t give a damn what Yankees think of us (and that really bothers them).”

“As a man actually named ‘Bubba’ all my life, I’m proud to be disdained by any non-Southerner – and non-conservative, non-family, anti-evangelical Christian – ‘youse guys’.”

“Red States will never abandon Israel – it’s an Evangelical Christian thing about loving the Jews. So, fighting the Islamists for centuries appears not to be a problem.” – Virginia Republican and writer James Atticus Bowden

Um…ya. PLEASE hurry Lord. These people really need to go. America needs the rapture….. and I need a new car.

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