They Fired Me Because I Hate Queers

Two former members of the Indianapolis Star’s editorial board, James Patterson and Lisa Coffey, have claiming the Star discriminated against them based on their religious views. James Patterson said “This is America. We have the right, under the first amendment, to express those views. At a newspaper, which has had a conservative voice for years and years and years, our argument is we should be allowed to express those views without being persecuted.”

Persecuted? Christians in the Sudan have been persecuted for their religious views. I think Mr Patterson needs an education on what persecution is. An opinion writer does have the right to SAY what ever they like but the paper has no legal duty to publish it. Furthermore, the Star has no legal obligation to keep a Christian on staff just because of their religious affiliation.

Mr Patterson went on to say that “The Star not only discriminated against me, but they actually have waged a campaign people with strong Christian beliefs. Both of us were editorial board members and we should have the right.” “We should have the right to express our religious views, especially as opinion writers. That’s what opinions are for right?”

It’s ironic that fundamentalist Christians are running around crying about employment discrimination yet they were the main opponents of Prop 68 (which would have banned employment and housing discrimination).

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  • By Jerame Davis, June 16, 2005 @ 1:23 am

    The sad part of it all is that they actually believe they are special. They’d never allow themselves to be compared to HO-MO-SEX-U-ALS.

    Don’t you know that Christians are perecuted and the queers get special rights? Come on, Marti. Give the poor downtrodden Christians a break. They’ve had it rough lately. *laughs*

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