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It was brought to my attention yesterday that a few members of the GLBT community had emailed the fifth district city council member Ginny Cain, concerning Prop 68 (the Indianapolis Human Rights ordinance). She said:

“I will always discriminate against unhealthy addictive behaviors.”

“Most importantly, I love Jesus because He gave His all for me, and so I will give my all for Him in honoring why He created sex to be within the boundaries of heterosexual marriage. He came to rescue us from our unhealthiness/sins. I will vote NO!”

“It is never helpful to condone and justify someone’s unhealthy chosen addiction. Homosexuality is an addiction to unhealthy sexual behavior. It can be overcome with proper treatment. Check out Exodus International for confirmation of this.”

“The Bible is clear that sex was created and intended within the confines of heterosexual marriage. It is meant to mirror our relationship to our Creator. Who would want to pervert that? Satan… is the author of sin. Jesus came to overcome sin’s power over us so that we can live and live abundantly! He came to rescue us…not condemn us. Thus, we need to help those who are entrapped in any kind of unhealthy lifestyle. I will never support something that is meant
for destruction of human beings and our civilization.”

Prop 68 isn’t about marriage. Even if one wants to make this about marriage, the logic still doesn’t fly. The standard line put forth by fundamentalist Christians is that it is the responsibility of the government to codify and support the growth of strong families through civil marriage. Is marriage strictly a matter of reproduction? I have experienced being in a heterosexual marriage and I’d venture to say that most heterosexual couples marry because they are “in love”, not to reproduce. In our modern day society, reproduction is seen as an
outgrowth of the love within a marriage, not the other way around. These so called “shotgun marriages” (marriages that come about from pregnancy) are looked on with distained within present day society.

I do understand where Councilor Cain is coming from though. I have a very traditional history, before coming out transgender. I was raised to believe that gays and lesbians were promiscuously fractured adults that were stunted in their psychological development. I believed that homosexuals couldn’t love a same sex partner the way I loved my wife. Unfortunately my beliefs were built to support my own fears and self hatred. My observations were based on ignorance and lacked any real life exposure. They were simply constructs to fit my beliefs. I believe that Mrs. Cain suffers from much the same thing. Luckily I’ve been educated by others.

Saturday night I had one such “education.” I attended a silent auction (held for Rock Indiana Campaign for Equality) during the IndyIndie event at Jesus MCC church. Jan Williams and her partner Val also attended the auction/show. I’ve worked with Jan on the two dollar bill campaign but I’ve never seen them in a social setting. Seeing them interact together, their love for each other was obvious. I came to learn that Jan and Val have been in a committed relationship for 15 years. I began to survey the room and observed many couples that emitted this same kind of light that is given off by a couple that shares a deep love for one another. Such relationships are testaments of commitment that gays and lesbians live every day. It’s obvious to me today that Jan and Val’s love for each other isn’t one borne out of promiscuity or any other kind of unhealthy behavior, but borne out of love.

I lived and observed the “heterosexual Christian lifestyle” that Miss Cain, advocates. Since coming to terms with my transsexuality I’ve also been exposed to many flavors of family from within the GLBT community. The most ironic of observations is that I’ve felt more of “Christ’s love” from with the GLBT community, than from self professed Christians. They’re too busy being Pharasitical in their damnation to fulfill Christ’s ultimate mission of love. Jesus never spoke about homosexuality. His ministry was centered on love, not laws.

Christian “family values” should be based on Christ’s admonishment to “Love one another, as I have loved you.” Christian fundamentalists can spout 1 Corinthians 6:9 from memory, but can they do the same with Romans 13:8? (“Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.”) Jesus repeatedly broke the laws of within the Jewish faith. He did it for reasons of love. His message was transparent. It was a message that love trumps the law. Marriage isn’t a contract (or covenant) of pregnancy. When two people marry they take a vow “to love and comfort,” to “honor and keep in sickness and in health”, to
“forsake all others,” and to “be faithful as long as both shall live.” The standard of marriage is one of love, not an ability to bring forth children. Marriage is not a covenant of child production, but of love.

Whatever Councilor Cain argues, it’s obvious that it doesn’t come from a position of love, and certainly not from any kind of “agape” or spiritual love. Prop 68 isn’t about marriage. It isn’t about sex. It’s about having some human compassion and understanding for your fellow man. It’s about not sanctioning hatred of another human being. Mrs. Cain’s fundamentalist ranting misses the boat. If she wants to speak of Christ’s love, then she needs to start showing some consistency in her own words and deeds. Can she love another, as Christ loved her, by denying another human being their most basic civil rights?

  • By Stephanie, April 25, 2005 @ 8:43 pm

    I think it all boils down to religious persecution. I’m so sick of hearing about how “God wants this, God wants that” as if they’re religious beliefs are the only valid ones in the world.

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