Pride Extravaganza!

My Friend

Lexy from Boston came into Indy on Friday night. I met her out at the airport, then took her back to the apartment. I had to work, so I showed her the apartment, then went to work.

In the morning we went to a nearby cafe called “The Yellow Canary.”

Then we proceeded to prance over to pride. We caught a bit of the parade….

and then jetted over to the actual festival.

Of course no pride would be complete without drag queens…..

I started to pass out flyers with information about the HRC and their sponsorship of non-inclusive hate crimes legislation, all the while they pretend to advocate for us. The response from most people was great!

How straight do I look here? OMFG πŸ™‚

The HRC people gave me that “Oh god!! The Jehovah’s Witnesses are at my door!!” look. Oh fucking well.

I went over to the INTRAA booth for a bit of a visit.

I met Bree there…. omg.. um… she’s cute, and very articulate too.
I also saw the founders of INTRAA, Bryan and Lori Sirtosky.

TG folk around the state owe these two a lot. They have put a lot of time and effort into building INTRAA into what it is today.

Indy Boyz were also at pride. These two pics I got are both from F2M’S AND ARE PRICELESS!

Then Lexy and I went to the mall, then back home. She got ready to go to her High School reunion, then she left πŸ™ . She was a lot of fun!

Went to work and worked 12hrs……. then came home.

πŸ™‚ Long weekend!

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  • By Indy Boyz, June 16, 2004 @ 10:59 pm

    Heya Marti! Great Pics from pride… just wanted to make a slight correction in case folks are wanting to find us over at Indy Boyz. Our web address is not .com Take care doll!

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