Oldfields-Lilly House & Gardens

Last October 17th was my 36th birthday, and it’s a long story…but that day I was felt very depressed. I had just met supersarah5 and she knew how shitty I was feeling on my birthday…so we went out to Oldfields-Lilly House & Gardens . While I had been to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with Deborah, I hadn’t ever been to the Lilly House. It is on the same acreage, but since it is wooded and the house is secluded, I never saw it. On that day with Sarah, the gardens and the elegant beauty of the landscaping filled my heart and calmed my mind. (While Sarah and I aren’t as close as we were then, I will always cherish that day. Thanks Sarah!)

Sunday morning, I got the itch to go back out to the grounds. Armed with my camera, I walked around….

This was from the back of the house. The top of the garage is like a backyard…

You can see the White River and the canal from there. The view is awesome….


I walked through the gardens…

And the flowers…omg

And of course I ended up touring the house…

(I loved seeing my reflection, for two reasons. One, my shape has really changed. You can see the curves of my hips and thighs. Secondly, I cut a smaller reflection. I�m not anywhere near my goal but it’s nice to see I’m getting close.)

This was the very last image I took…..

If you want to see all my pics I took see them in my gallery. I loved the house so much that I am going to volunteer to work there a couple shifts a week. All in all, the little field trip rejuvenated me and has put me in a better frame of mind.

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