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Great Balls of Turkey!

Late last Wednesday I started my trek across Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin to Madison for Thanksgiving. About 2 AM on Thanksgiving morning  I stopped at a 7/11 in Huntley, Illinois to take a restroom break and to get a java refill. When I brought my coffee and snacks up to the counter the cashier tried to make small talk, and said: “So did you just come from the Turkey Testicle Festival? ”

I said “excuse me? Are you joking?” He said, “No, tonight was the Huntley Turkey Testicle Festival, right down the road.” I started to walk away and turned to him and said, “I’m really sorry I missed that! How unfortunate!” as I walked out the door.

Who the hell else but me would stop in a town with a Turkey Testicle Festival?  What are the odds? You can read about it here and here. Life can be really amusing sometimes… especially when turkey testicle festivals are involved. The only thing that could of made it more amusing would have been Sarah Palin emceeing the event.

Anyone hungry?

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