Marti Abernathey

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  • SWERFin’ and TERFin’
    When it comes to the sex work industry commentary on social media, it seems like the critics are big on… Read more: SWERFin’ and TERFin’
  • Trans Auld Lang Syne
    As I listened to Vermont Movement News’ podcast about a transgender woman, Aunt Jenny, that was a trans mother to… Read more: Trans Auld Lang Syne
  • Reactionaries, TERFs, and Bodily Autonomy
    And that’s just it; the people at the centre of the question never want to answer it. Like Young Earth Creationists, they have a belief that is centred and anything that agrees with it is true; anything that counters it is false. It isn’t a debate, as it is a propaganda campaign that tries to get more people to try and command other people’s bodily autonomy.
  • Rock Music and Hedonistic Capitalism
    When I was younger, I hung around musicians. I wanted to be one. Music was the one place I could escape to that gave me a sense of peace. I tried every rock-based instrument, including singing. But I knew early on that wasn’t my thing. I was good at writing poetry and songs, which should have taught me that my talents were more literary than musical. I enjoyed English and History classes in high school, but my biggest struggle was math. I’m just not a math person. 
  • The Dilemma at the Center of the UK Labour and USA’s Democratic Party
    Saying that you “must vote blue, no matter who”, if it were in the context of a personal relationship, would be considered gaslighting, DARVO-like abuse. Performative opposition is the name of the game for both of these supposedly liberal political parties. They have nothing to offer except more of the same, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. This kind of do-nothing politics will eventually lead to radical change or hyper-nationalist fascism, resulting in much innocent bloodshed.

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