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Hate In Constitution One Step Closer

Tuesday evening the Indiana House of Representatives passed Senate Joint Resolution 7 by a vote of 76 to 23. The measure was passed by the Senate earlier in the month and now must be passed by a separately elected legislature before it can be put on the ballot. The earliest the measure could make it onto the ballot is 2008.

Shortly after the vote, a small group of protesters gathered outside the State House. Marti Abernathey said “I came out because our legislators need to know that regardless of weather or the time of day, we will make our voices heard.”

Later on the protest moved to Monument Circle. Patrons of the Columbia Club seemed shocked and dismayed that their establishment was in earshot of the protest. Pepper Partin said “Many folks who obviously held government positions entered and exited while we were there. Some gave thumbs up and others looked a little like deer in headlights. I think many exiting the Columbia Club were a little startled by our presence.”

Although disappointed with the vote, protester Kevin Gaither said “There is much time; there is much hope; there is so much to be done. I only hope the GBLT community of Indiana can come together in this dark time to produce a light of hope for all the GBLT youth of Indiana. They are the ones this type of legislation damages the most. Legislated hatred and bigotry is the lowest form of politics.”

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