Chris Rock’s Mop and Bucket

Today I read an article by Rishawn Biddle of the Indianapolis Star’s Editorial staff concerning the need for action by our Mayor, Bart Peterson.

He said:

“Then a walk up Delaware Street reminded me that the gathering of ne’er do wells that usually keep themselves to the corner of the Wheeler Mission now claim the other side of the street – just outside the parking lot of the Regions Bank tower – for their very own.

Oh joy.

The woman in gray house dress and clear shower cap yapping about something or another while sitting back in a lawnchair. The half naked middle ager exposing his faded shoulder tattoo for the world to detest. The two able bodied men at horseplay. Lovely.

If a fully stocked beverage cooler was in sight, they would have been in bum heaven. Thankfully there wasn’t.

Proof again that IPS isn’t the only thing in town in need of a good scrubbing. So here’s some advice for Mayor Peterson: Clean it up”

I commented the following:

Walking past the mission as I do every night on my way to work and in the morning as I return from work, I’ve experienced those “bums” of which you speak. Living at 412 N. Alabama St., these “bums” live, exist, and congregate in my neighborhood. I could easily own your crass viewpoint of my neighbors. But as a transsexual and a member of the GLBT community I’ve seen how the simple act of living every day life can be difficult. Mitch Daniels (Indiana Governor), Bart Peterson (Indianapolis Mayor), or Brian Bosma (Indiana Speaker of the House) can help make things better through legislation but they shouldn’t be looked to to fix the problem. Instead of pointing the finger at Bart Peterson maybe you and I should grab a bucket and start scrubbing.

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