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Post of the day goes to one of my favorite local bloggers, Steph Mineart:

In reality, religious people seem more obsessed with anal intercourse than gay people are. So here’s the thing, for all you religious homobigots out there – it’s not about the butt sex. Really. And if you so obsessed with it, please just go off and do it yourself, rather than trying to bash us because of your obsessions with your own sphincter.

I want to propose that this year when people are testifying about SJR-7 and some of the other legislation related to gay issues, that we play “Butt Sex Bingo” – create a grid of all of the cliched arguments that the religious nuts trot out, with Anal Intercourse being the bonus in the center square (how apropo!). And when they get up to testify, mark off every argument, until they trot out the bonus free space — when everyone shouts “Bingo!” at the same time, it will truly highlight how absurd they are.


  • By brian, February 6, 2007 @ 1:38 am

    uh..I fail to see where he said anything close to what you’re accusing him of. exactly where did you find this “evidence” he said any of that???

  • By Marti Abernathey, February 6, 2007 @ 8:54 am

    Um, moron, you’re in the wrong post. You probably don’t see it, because you can’t even find the right post. Are all MRA’s as stupid as you?

    Magic Eight Ball says “FUCK YES!”

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