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The Cost of War

My blood boils when I read crap from illogical, immoral, blind followers of President Bush. This is the cost of the real cost of war…

(hat tip to Free Iraq by way of A Citizen Of Mosul)

Precise collateral damage my ass…. Try to stop seeing these people as
“towel heads” or “A-Rabs.” Look at them as parents… look past your own ass, and you might understand why I don’t support this war. If you support this war, you did this….

Simple Solution, Water and Oil

Christ, are we too busy robbing Iraq of its riches that we cannot help the people LIVE? From Hnk’s blog:

“‘Day after day the situation in Iraq is getting better,’ that’s what one high ranking military official said. Reality shows the opposite. If things are getting better then why we don’t we have oil, when we live in a country rich with oil? We have two rivers Tigris and the Euphrates, yet we have no drinking water. We are in the 3rd year of the war with no end in sight.

You want to help Iraqi people? Don’t send your cousins and sons to Iraq to fight, because they fight against us, not for us. Did you forget about the WMD’s? Did you forget what happened at Abu Ghraib? Did you forget what humanity means? Did you forget about basic human needs? Don’t bother. I also forget… I forget what peace looks like. I forget what the street looks like. I forget what the night sky looks like. I forget what my relatives look like….

Sometimes I just think if you could see what my eyes see, if you could hear what my ears hear, you would be able to understand what I mean.”

How many enemies will we create by not giving the thirsty, water. How many insurgents are created by the hunger growing in their stomach? The enemy can walk in and prove us to be the devils that they claim we are… simply by providing food, water, and by meeting basic needs of everyday Iraqi’s while foriegn oil companies sit inside the green zone and divide up the spoils.

I wonder, is it that the Bush administration doesn’t know what to do, or just doesn’t want to spend the extra time and effort to win the hearts and minds of Iraqi’s?

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