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This made me laugh…

A comment by a fellow Alumni of my high school,

“after the reunion, i see that we have all changed. apparently not as much as marty abernathy. whatever floats ones boat, or words to that effect….”

Not really sure if that’s a dig, or not. Pffffffffft. I don’t care, it made me laugh.

Some things, like sense of humor, just get better with age.

On The Bus You Can Just Call Me Pat

All those years of watching SNL just paid off.

When I go to work I can’t go in full femme mode so I just go extremely andro. Since I go through some pretty rough neighborhoods I just let everyone think what they will.

A couple of days ago I lost my battery charger, or so I’d thought. Today on the bus a fellow regular said “She turned it in, although she referred to you as a woman.” Following “Pat’s” lead I simply said “I get that a lot.”

Thanks Pat, you saved my ass!


Word For The Day.

If your say you love me, you should be able to show it in your words AND your deeds. Anything less is just flummery.

What I lerned at

I feel like life is a crabwise slamdance.

crabwise KRAB-wyz, adjective:
1. Sideways.
2. In a cautiously indirect manner.

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