What They Say About Marti

Marti is passionate about inclusion and equality for all, and makes sure that no one is left out. She is not afraid to back up what she says. She is intelligent and can give thought out and challenging commentary to any subject.Kevin

Marti’s one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. She has a wonderful sense of humor, no one makes me laugh like she does. She’s got this energy that’s contagious, you just want to be around her. She’s someone I trust and know will always be there when I need her. She’s the most caring and loving person I’ve ever met and I’m so glad she’s a part of my life. Crazy woman, I love her.Aida

Marti is a wonderful parent and a terrific friend. Marti champions those who are not strong, and will not tolerate bullies or racists. Marti is on a lifelong journey to find out just exactly “who” Marti is, and encourages me (and others, I bet) to make their way along their own journey…with unconditional love and understanding. Marti is sexy, funny, and very smart…politically active and financially responsible….The TOTAL package!Mary

What I like best about Marti is that she rarely, if even ever, says things that she doesn’t mean. She often brings fresh perspective to tired and cliched discussions. Marti is simply a ;real person.’ I doubt that she has ever owned very much varnish. Yet, she is also humerous and not threatening or dismissive. She is sensitive to others unless they insist on continuing to try and fill her w/ crap. Marti is active and an activist. She has a heart-of-silver (I cherish silver and dislike gold *smile*) She knows pain and yet appears able to enjoy life as well. I have found her to be loyal and helpful. She is just a good person to be acquainted with.Radha

Marti is an extra-ordinary human being ! She is a deep , open thinker who uses her lifes experience to help others . She is wildly funny and at times she can even be a bit cheeky , but she is always sincere and honest. I have found her friendship to be a great gift. And I know you will too. Fela

Marti is a great genuine , loving, caring, honest , and sincere person.
She is just lovely……..

Marti seems to be one of the smartest, most down-to-earth people I know; someone who’s both compassionate but also logical, which is a good balance. She’s a persistent fighter for equal rights, and I love a socially conscious woman!

She has a bubbly personality, life of the party.

She is cute, intellegent and has a great sense of humor. (Yes, I know that by saying a women has a great sense a humor, it alway meant that the person is a dog. It’s not the case here. Really. It’s not. Trust me.) Monica

Marti is smart, warm, fun loving with a great sense of humor. She is cute, sexy and one of the sweetest persons I’ve ever met.Ethan

Courageous, wonderfull at communication, cares for others.Kara

Marti is intelligent, passionate, a dedicated parent, thought-provoking and EXTREMELY funny. Marti combines wisdom won the hard way with an eagerness to push boundries. She works hard for what she believes in and is loyal to those she cares about. She’s the real deal…..don’t miss the chance to get to know her!Brenda

Marti will always tell you the truth, and I believe she does so because she cares about you. And she has a way of cutting through crap and getting at the heart of the matter that’s refreshing and rewarding. You learn more about yourself by knowing her. If your a strong person you’ll see that as a true asset… Steph

Marti not only possesses an extraordinary sense of humor, she is also intelligent, honest and the real deal. You never have to guess where Marti stands on a particular issue: she’ll tell you. And she will debate her stance with her cards on the table. We all know that our mates should challenge us, and the loves in Marti’s life will most certainly be challenged. But challenge equals growth and if you want to grow, Marti is a wonderful person to have in your life. Another trait that I love about Marti is that she is not afraid to be who she is. She could walk into a room full of people who hate her challenges; her questions and she will walk in with her
head held high.

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