My Hope

Talked to N and D today…how I miss you! N..damn son… sound so…old. I guess that means im getting old too! D, you sounded so confident…..thats a great change..Im glad you like school. Seeing you again has kept me going the last few weeks…someday my beautiful children…someday soon! I love all of you. I hope some day you will both understand why things had to be this way…and things will get better…I promise. That is one thing that I can promise you…I will never give up….NEVER. I will love you always. Love to me doesnt ever die. I have started to realize that I never mourned the passing of my marriage to your mom. Kids, I will always love mom…that will never change either. I just came to realize that the way our relationship worked out that we would never be able to both be happy together. Im so glad that she found her new boyfriend…I hope he gives her the life that I couldnt. I also hope that her back is better with the latest surgery. Well, kids…im off to work…I love you..and I cry as I write this…I will always be…


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