Where Are The Hillbillies?

Where are all those gun toting 2nd amendment right wingers? An AP piece today said that

Police fearing deadly confrontations with jittery residents enforced a new order that bars homeowners from owning guns. That order apparently does not apply to the hundreds of M-16-toting private security guards hired to protect businesses and wealthy property owners.

Do you hear any right wingers screaming foul? They say that it isn’t safe for residents to stay where they are, but isn’t this a FREE country? People are supposed to be able to make stupid decisions.

Amazing that even in this time of great peril that only the rich and powerful deserve their 2nd amendment rights.

Go figure.

Welcome to GW America.

  • By Monica Kelp, September 14, 2005 @ 1:26 am

    Speaking as a “gun nut” and a former trans (hey, I graduated), I was making a huge fuss about letting private security in New Orleans have mondo weapons while disarming private citizens, and I wasn’t alone.

    Even the fuddy-duddy NRA pitched a fit and late word in the blogosphere was that they’ve stopped disarming ordinary people in NOLA.

    Remember, the “us” and “them” line is not as easily drawn as the media would have it. There’s actually a lot of common ground centered around the Bill of Rights and we’d all be wise to heed it. The same people inside government who don’t like the First amendment will chip away at the Second and Fourth one, too, and vice versa.


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