Slowly Moving

Well, I got my apartment keys. I spent the weekend moving stuff and generally getting my sh*t together.

Friday night I met some folks from the local Bi group here in Indy. It was quite a diverse and fun group. Thanks to Amy for making me feel so accepted and comfy. I definitely will attend most of their functions if at all possible.

Saturday was spent cleaning and packing. Jennifer and I ran around to different craft stores. Guess what queer ass tranny wants a sewing machine? Um… Ya. πŸ™‚ My first project is going to be making curtains for my apartment. Color me inspired. πŸ™‚

I finished up shopping for Danielle’s birthday presents. I’m not sure she will actually receive them, but I did include a copy of the guidelines for Deborah to review. It states that mail communication should not be impeded in any way. We’ll see… I’m sure I’ll get some nasty response from the queen herself….

Sunday Joe and Dawnesha (I think that’s how she pronounces and spells it…. I hope so… πŸ™‚ came by for a visit. They are the cutest couple, like…. ever. I really dig them both very much. Did I mention they’re both hot? Em…er…nevermind. I look forward to getting to know them both.

Today I awoke from my slumber remembering the weirdest dream. I was involved in a “hit and run” accident and I was the run doing the running. WIERD. After said weird dreams, I got up and chatted a bit before I had to run down to my new apartment and wait on the cable guy. He came, hooked it up in like 3 seconds flat. Good thing is my cable bill for the next 3 months is only 19.00 bucks. Thing is I had to take out my wireless card and put my old ethernet card back in. When I did that my video card started making odd noises…. so I had to switch out my old video card…(which makes me take out a PCI slot…my newer card is AGP, old one is PCI). So, now I just need to set up the networking, but I hope I can get my newer video card to work, or I wont be able to hook my usb card in. (that means no transfer of pics to computer…. that sucks ass.) So with my day today I will finish up with odds and ends at the apartment, then work on getting the puter up and running. I have so few things; I was able to move most of my stuff in a few cardboard boxes and laundry baskets. only my computer desk and my mattress and box spring will remain for the U-haul on Thursday.

As always, I love and miss you all!

Happy Birthday, my daughter! I love you!

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