Ever have someone in your life that sees right through you, as if they were looking through glass? I have such a person in my life. When we get into a conversation about me, I always end up seeing truth in her words, but they do not come easy. I feel like I am back in algebra class. In high school I took algebra 1 three different times. I would have to take great notes and listen very closely to even keep up. I am constantly thinking about what she asks me, trying to process the meaning, and go on to her next point. Her words are sooo backed with punch. I just hope that with some study and thought, that I can grow. Right now I feel confused, tired, and emotionally spent. Dont think I am bitter, because I am not. I feel very fortunate to have this happen, its just a bit overwhelming. I think I am gonna lay down, I have a doctor appointment at 230pm Central.

ni ni.

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