So Long…Yet I Still Have Hope

So long between enteries… Danielle and Tyler, I’ve not had contact with either of you in quite some time. I wish you could understand the road blocks I face, and the hurdles I seem to come up against in my fight to see you. Part of it is an internal battle and part of it’s external. Someone recently told me that “Hope is easy. It’s a word. It’s a thought. It’s a feeling. Though I am a very big fan of hope, and I believe we all need it, alone hope will not lead us to our dreams. Until we transform hope into action (much like love needs to be an action to really have meaning) we are merely sittin’ and hopin.'”

I just hope that you know that not a day goes by where I don’t think of you and I am taking action. Every day is a step back to you.

I love you.

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