Sassy On Tech: Fitbit Blaze, Garmin VivoSmart HR, and the Dying Charge HR

Recently my Fitbit Charge-HR fell apart. It started with the side button disappearing/falling off. The charging cover proceeded to fall off, making it unusable. I was irritated that the Fitbit fell apart just after a year of use. So I decided to Give the Garmin Vivosmart-HR a shot. I based the purchase on seeing this review:

It seemed to mirror the Charge-HR in terms of features. I did like the screen. It’s flawless in the sun or bright light. But I’m a night shift worker and my bedroom is blacked out, so I need to be able to see the screen in a very dark room. The Vivosmart HR fails under darkened room conditions.

That was annoying, but what had me return the device was the sleep tracking feature. I’ve been spoiled with the Fitbit’s automatic sleep tracking. As a night shift worker, it makes me very aware of how much sleep I’m getting and when I’m getting it. If I took a nap before work, the Fitbit caught it automatically. With the Garmin device, you have to set times for it to record your sleep patterns. I took a nap before work (outside the set sleep times) and the device totally missed recording it.

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