Everyone Hurts

Hi kids. Well, its almost been a year since I’ve seen you, but it seems like 10. I know less and less of your life..and that kills me a little each day.

N- Son, your response to all this has hurt me the most. I was told you dont want to talk to me. I had hoped that you would love me for who I am, not what I am….but apparently your either too young or too rigid in your thinking of what you want from me, not what is best for me in the long run. I love you and know that I have made mistakes in my life that have affected you. I hope some day you can work past your anger and hate for me. I miss you.

D-Well honey, I hope you read this at some point. I really dont ever want you to think that I dont think of you every day …I do. I had so much drama in my life growing up. I dont want you to have to grow up with this drama. Some dont want me in your life, and legally things are set up so I cant see you. I hope some day you ll know what kind of person I am.

T-How did you do at your violin thing? Hope you did well… I am sure you did. I am very proud of your growth and your attitude. Hope you always stay true to your beliefs.

Always your father,

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