A Year

Its getting close to a year of me not seeing you. N- Mom told me that you no longer want to speak to me. I understand that you must be very mad at me. I hope some day you can see how hard all this has been for me. I didnt just decide one day that I wanted to switch my gender. Being a transsexual is the last thing that I wanted in my life. Only problem with that is that is who I am. If there is one hope I have for you it is that you can come to terms with who you are, at a young age, and without reservation. I denied who I am at heart, for years… and I am paying the price for it.

D- Honey I think of you every day. I am back in Indiana, because I think being here offers me the best chance to see you guys again. The only thing I’m guilty of, is finally accepting who I am. Apparently some people think you cant handle ME, and that my transsexuality might somehow harm you or cause embarrassment to you.

T- I miss talking to you. You are one of the most intelligent, bright young minds I know. Pretty funny too, almost as funny as I. Your courage and strength is amazing. You will always be in my blood, even though you are not from it.

My love and thoughts to you all

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